Activity-Based-Cost Analysis - Business Profit Analysis - Business Segment Analysis

DatabaseBayfield Consulting provides you with a method for paddling upstream into the details of your business segment operating costs: 

  • A data-based process for creating an entirely new view of your performance.
  • A view that creates new awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • A view that documents the need for improvement and the logical steps for the implementation of change.

Since 1993, Bayfield Consulting has successfully completed dozens of transformation projects in the US and Canada. In the process, we have come to these conclusions:

  • Most businesses operate far below full potential … squandering profits earned in high performing segments to subsidize poor performance in others… managers often accept these poor performers as “normal” costs of doing business.
  • Low performing segments often can be improved.
  • Traditional accounting, reporting, budgeting, compensation and strategy practices commonly do not inspire the actions required to dramatically improve specific segment performance.
  • Many organizations are “stuck” in past practices and often fail to measure and manage major activities.
  • Huge increases to profits can be achieved by utilizing Thumbprint Analysis™ and activity-based management practices.