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Thumbprint Analysis™
Thumbprint Analysis™, our flagship program will provide you with the opportunity to see your business in a very new light.  Currently, your business segments produce vastly different results… and most segments can be improved.

By applying activity-based-costs to the customer and product margins an entirely new view of your business emerges.  The Thumbprint™ uncovers the detailed operating profits produced in each segment for the very first time.

This chart is a typical example of segment profits lined up from the best performance to the worst.

A word about EBITDA… Increasingly, Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortization is used as a business evaluation device.  EBITDA as a percent of sales (the higher the ratio, the higher the earnings) can be used to find companies that are the most efficient operators in an industry.

Think of the Thumbprint™ as a device for driving EBITDA improvement.  Thumbprint™ users have doubled and even tripled EBITDA performance… theoretically, resulting in a doubling or tripling in the value of the business.

Give us a call.  Let’s put the power of the Thumbprint Analysis™ to work for you.